Decorative encaustic tiles

Posted: October 13, 2020
Advice & Tips

To tile or not to tile?

Due to their vibrant colours and a wide variety of patterns, the popularity of encaustic tiles is noticeably increasing, but what are they?

Encaustic tiles are made of cement and have a deep inlaid pattern rather than a surface glaze. They are also heavier and thicker than porcelain and ceramic tiles. Mineral pigments are hand-poured into a design mould which is then backfilled with cement and compressed. They are cured, rather than fired, and their production process consumes less energy than standard kiln-fired tiles. Their creation really is an artisan craft!

Due to the production process, every tile is unique and varies slightly in colour, thickness and size.

Hamish Smith, Creative Director of Ca’ Pietra, says: “There is lots to love about these decorative tiles. They don’t look mass-produced, and this inconsistency adds to their beauty and interest. Another reason for their attraction is that they are a ‘living’ tile that changes over time. The mellowness of a tile that ages gracefully is what makes them special.”

If you’ve fallen in love with encaustic tiles, we advise you to consider the following practical points before placing your order:

Encaustic tiles are the tiles for you if you are prepared to make an investment in your home and embrace natural imperfections in a material that ages elegantly over time. You’ll be rewarded with a unique, authentic feature you can enjoy for many years to come.

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